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Last week, when we told you about this couple who had an insane Holi, themed Haldi party, we realised how brides and grooms these days are taking their Haldi ceremony to a different level full of thrill and fun.

Gone are those days of waking up early on the day of wedding (after a bad-bad-bad hangover) and rushing to attend the Haldi function and finding out that you're surrounded by elderly members of the family because your other friends and cousins decided to ditch the boring ceremony (yes, it happened at my sister's wedding!).

So instead of making it a dull homely-occasion that lasts only for an hour or so, why not make it into an exciting celebration filled with vibrant colours and crazy amounts of entertainment? Something your guests will remember forever. This day-long festivity can also serve as a great break-the-ice between families but make sure it's planned well in advance before the wedding day so that you're able to enjoy.

We scooped the Internet and found out a few fascinating ideas to make your Haldi more engaging and fun:

#1 Brides and grooms, firstly have a combined Haldi celebration rather than having it individually. The more, the merrier, remember?

#2 Plan a dress code for the bridal and groom party and of course, it has to be yellow!

#3 Make it into a Holi party - Get organic colours and smoke bombs for everyone to play around!

#4 Not a fan of Holi? We got you covered as well. Get kilos and kilos of flower petals and you're good to go!

#5 Plan wild and crazy activities - Kurta tearing ritual for groomsmen and even giving them a Haldi bath

#6 Get customised badges for everyone attending the ceremony

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Got more fun ways to have a crazy Haldi? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

6 Fun & Interesting Ideas To Quirk Up Your Haldi Ceremony!

by Sanchita Kalra

6 Fun & Interesting Ideas To Quirk Up Your Haldi Ceremony!