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Indian Weddings are a concoction of fun and merrily traditions which make them so renowned all over the world. While we’re quite aware and exposed to all the major ceremonies that make Indian weddings a gala affair, there are some very minor but most interesting ceremonies that we shouldn’t take lightly.

Hiding the groom’s shoes or evidently known as the Joota Chupai Rasam is an age-old fun tradition performed by the saalis (bride’s sisters and bridesmaids). The bridesmaids sneakily hide the Groom’s shoes while he’s in the mandap taking pheras with his lovely bride. It’s the perfect time for the bridesmaids to shell out some free bucks from their beloved jiju for their worldly expenses. (singing ‘joote do paise lo’ in my head)

So bridesmaids, while you cannot forget to perform on your sister’s sangeet or bully your to-be-jiju to pocket-out some extra money in the name of random rasams, you should definitely not be putting the Joota Chupai Rasam on the back-seat to get your well-deserved ransom.

Here are some sure shot tricks that’ll make sure you win the joota chupai rasam like a power-packed 'Shoe-icide squad'!

1. Hide them in the Bridal Room

All wedding venues have a room where the bride gets ready. With all the outfits, makeup, shoes and luggage bags stuffed in that room, the bridal room would definitely be a mess and no one would ever be able to find the shoes even if they know they’re hidden in that room.

2. Inside the pantry

This one’s a trial n tested trick. Any good venue will not allow the guests to get inside the pantry due to hygiene reasons. Take the manager on your side or bait any executive with a pink note and get your way inside the food-preparing station to hide ‘em prized possession and the money is all yours.

3. Make the bride wear them

No matter how much your sister loves her husband, she will always be on your side to crack him up a little. Hide the shoes from the mandap and put them on the bride’s side, when she gets up to leave the mandap, make her wear the groom’s shoes instead of hers. The groom would never imagine she wearing his shoes.

4. Hide them inside a ‘Mithai ka dabba’

Yes, we stole this trick from our favorite movie ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’ but that’s what Bollywood movies are for; to steal ideas! Moreover, this common trick can be missed out by almost everyone cuz’ mithai boxes come in bulk at weddings. Empty one box and stuff the shoes inside them, mark a little something on that box and juggle them up with other filled boxes. Clever isn’t it?

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5. Hide them in the Vidaai car

While the groom’s side will put their full force and spread the entire groom squad in every corner of the venue, they’ll never doubt the shoes being inside the deck of the vidaai car. There there, that’s a sure win-win!


What all tricks did you play to win the joota chupai rasam? Tell your story in the comments.

5 Legit Tricks for the 'Saalis' to Win that Joota Chupai Rasam

by Bhavika Vallecha

5 Legit Tricks for the 'Saalis' to Win that Joota Chupai Rasam