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All brides usually strive to make their wedding as beautiful as a fairytale. Therefore, comes along a significant amount of pressure to make sure that the day goes by just effortlessly, and to get this the bride has to go through a lot of brainstorming, planning and not-so-realistic challenges. Brides usually regret a lot of things while planning their wedding that otherwise would have made their day more memorable.

So, what are you waiting for brides-to-be? Take a notepad and jot down these bridal regrets and make things next to perfect for yourself.

#1 Do Not Over Think

Sanjana reveals, "The tensest part of the planning was my thoughts. The first thought that came to my mind was everything will be wrong. There will be hell loads of things to do and once the day is near, enjoy every moment of the feeling which I did not do. I just want to convey to all brides-to-be, please focus on the good parts and don't over think as you will ruin things more. Due to overthinking, I fought on petty issues with my fiancee, which is indeed wrong."

#2 Sketch A Budget Priorly

Kritika says, "I got into wedding planning thinking I wouldn't overspend on unnecessary things. By the end of the wedding, I was totally maxed out, my budget went three times beyond the budget I had in my mind. I would  recommend setting a budget prior on and not waiting until the end to find out that burning hole in the pocket."

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#3 Pre-Planning Is A Must

Sana confesses, "I waited until just a few months before to book vendors and had a lot of trouble finding economical and unoccupied ones. Due to this mismanagement by me and my family, we were not able to rope in the caterer that we wanted. Don't wait until the last minute, like I did, to plan your wedding and make conclusions faster. Plan everything at least three months before the wedding and you will be less burdened comparatively."

#4 Explore To Bits

Vedanta says, "During wedding planning, the most important is lehenga hunting. Juggling from one store to another and I regret this the most. Without even checking other places, I finalised my lehenga going to the first shop. After paying advance, I found another lehenga which was better than mine. So much time, money and effort we put on the garment and still sometimes we are not satisfied. Suggesting all brides-to-be, please do the recce before making any decision for your lehenga. Fussing over any other outfit is okay, but definitely not your wedding lehenga."

#5 Make Sure Food & Music Are Not Neglected

Srishti confesses, "I regretted not working with a DJ that could keep guests entertained with music and fit in well with the crowd. Food & DJ are the key things of any shaadi and they help you to entertain the guests and if these two things are not on point you wedding is not up to the mark. I still regret this a lot and would like to suggest everyone does keep a special eye on entertainment and food."

Are you left with any wedding planning regrets deep down yourself? Share 'em with us in the comments below!

5 Brides Reveal Things They Regret During Wedding Planning

by Sanchita Sehgal

5 Brides Reveal Things They Regret During Wedding Planning