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It is easy to ignore the minute things when you are staring at a box with stunning sparkling rings. But when it comes to buying an engagement ring, it is important that you understand exactly what you are buying.

So, let us update you with the 4c’s of Diamond to keep in mind before heading to a jeweler:

Carat Cut

The true definition of the cut is the quality of the proportions and balance of the diamond. Your diamond's proportions depend on how bright your diamond shines. There are several types of cuts in the market that you can choose from, starting from round, princess, emerald, oval, radiant, pear, heart and cushion. The most stylish, edgy yet classic is princess cut.

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Carat Weight

Carat denotes the weight of a diamond. One carat equals 0.20 grams. The greater the carat weight is, the more valuable the diamond becomes. Usually, engagement rings can fit diamonds up to 4.00 carats depending upon the color, cut and your budget. Do look at the guide that every jeweler usually have at the store.

The Colour

The colour of diamond varies between colourless(D) to saturated(Z). Post saturation, the colour becomes bright yellow, which is the costliest among the other ones. Just have a look at the colour scale to keep in mind before buying the engagement ring:

D - Colourless

E-F - Colourless

G-J - Near Colorless

K-M - Faint Yellow

N-R - Very Light Yellow

S-Z - Light Yellow

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A stone is said to be flawless if there are no external and internal flaws such as scratches, pits, pinpoints etc. When the diamond is heated, other elements get stuck inside, giving each diamond its own exclusive fingerprint. This keeps up with the clarity of the diamonds. You can check the clarity rating based on an industry standard scale.


Things To Remember Before Buying An Engagement Ring:

#1 Choose metal according to your budget. Platinum is much cheaper than gold.

#2 Diamonds are the most popular stones for engagement rings, but you have other variety too. You can choose from sapphires, emeralds, rubies and the great news is that they are much cheaper than diamonds.

#3 Among all the cuts, the most expensive one is round cut. Choosing a diamond of different cut and clarity can save you up to from 10-20%

#4 Another thing to keep a note is that the price of the diamond goes up exponentially as the carats increase. It doesn't mean that if a 1 carat diamond costs 1 lakh rupees, then a two carat one will cost 2 lakhs, it will be about 4-5 lakhs.

#5 Coloured diamonds are twice the rate of normal diamonds. Pink and blue are the most rarer and the best one.

#6 Brides can also have an option of stackable rings, choosing a small ring with solitaire. It is usually expensive but worth the penny.

#7 Please check diamond is certified before buying.

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BONUS TIPS! #1 Make wise purchase decisions

#2 Select cut over design

#3 Do consult your married friends/relatives before taking decisions

#4 Think about your lifestyle. Are you going to wear your ring every day or will it be just on a few occasions? Keep these points before buying

#5 Always find a trusted jewelry

#6 Keep a look at your budget

#7 Don’t get caught up with a trend

#8 It’s not only about the size, fall for the stone

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4c’s Of Diamond Jewellery To Know Before You Buy An Engagement Ring

by Sanchita Sehgal

4c’s Of Diamond Jewellery To Know Before You Buy An Engagement Ring