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Your wedding day is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. From colour coordinating and colour contrasting to matching prints and fabrics, there are so many outfit combinations in which brides and grooms can slay at their weddings! 

One of the most exciting ways to make a lasting impression is through unique outfit colour combinations for brides and grooms. While tradition often dictates white or neutral tones, there's an entire spectrum of colours waiting to be explored. So today, we're going to dive into a world of unique and gorgeous outfit combinations for brides and grooms that may help you zero down on your dream outfit for your wedding!

Scroll down and check out all the unique outfit combinations for brides and grooms that will help them look stunning on their wedding day!


Unique Outfit Combinations for Brides & Grooms

1. The Classic Red & White With A Ton Of Silver

Who doesn't love pairing red with silver? Well, we certainly believe that this bride groom dress for wedding is absolutely gorgeous!

A bride in a regal red lehenga with a groom in a white sherwani with silver embellishments

Source MIH by Crossover

2. Look Ethereal With Beige On White

Honestly, when we saw Parineeti Chopra's engagement photos, we were floored! Her simple yet beautiful beige suit looks beautiful next to the engagement outfit for groom, Raghav Chadha's white kurta with a beige Nehru jacket. It's definitely something you guys should try. 

Parineeti Chopra in a gorgeous beige suit with Raghav Chadha rocking a white kurta with a beige Nehru jacket

Source The House On The Clouds

3. Regal Gold & Black

With an all-gold & black look courtesy of designer Manish Malhotra, the couple looks downright amazing in their fits. For your cocktail or reception, put a pin on this outfit combination for sure.

Sangeet wedding dress for Kiara Advani was a glamorous gold lehenga while the sangeet outfit for groom, Sidharth Malhotra was a chic black sherwani

Source House on the Clouds

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4. Powder Blue With Grey 

Who doesn't love powder blue? It's always in trend and looks good on everyone! Pair that with grey and you have the perfect winter-day wedding outfit

This bride's powder blue lehenga looks stunning next to the groom's grey sherwani

Shot by Colorblind production, Delhi

5. Twin With Cherry Red 

This mehendi dress for bride is a Cherry Red lehenga that looks fabulous against the groom's similar colour Nehru jacket. We bet this combo would look amazing on you too!

Bride rocking a cherry red lehenga with the groom in a matching Nehru jacket

Source Stories by Joseph Radhik

6. Baby Pink & White 

When actor Sonnalli Seygall got hitched, she and her beau served us looks with their coordinated pastel outfits in baby pink and white. Such an outfit combination can be taken up a notch with some silver embellishments for sure. 

Bride in a baby pink saree with groom co-ordinating in a white sherwani

Source The Wedding Files

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7. Olive Green With Earthy Brown

Well, if anyone can make this combination work, it's a newlywed couple. 

Bride in olive green lehenga smiling with her groom in an earthy brown bandhgala

Source Sabyasachi Official

8. Blush Pink & Powder Blue

The combination of blush pink on a bride with a groom in powder blue is just breathtaking!

Bride and groom in a combination of blush pink and powder blue

Source Recall Pictures

9. Coordinating in Hues of Silver

With anyone who has doubts about silver, let this photo clear it for them. This wedding outfit combination is ethereal!

Bride & groom dressed up in silver wedding outfits

Source Tritirtha Roy Photography

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10. Juxtaposing Emerald Against Sage Green

When it comes to creating outfit trends, no one does it better than celebrity brides. We're loving Neha Kakkar in this gorgeous Emerald lehenga with her beau in a sage green ensemble.

Bride in emerald lehenga next to her loving groom in sage green

Shot by Deepika's Deep Clicks, Chandigarh

11. Prussian Blue With An Overload Of White

Honestly, this is by far our favourite combination yet! The blue backdrop for the white embroidery is so pretty, that it's tough not to swoon. 

Bride & groom in gorgeous Prussian blue outfits with white embroidery

Source Artfoto Studios

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12. Love The Pop Of Rani Pink & Emerald Green

This green and pink colour combination is the literal embodiment of happiness!

Looking for bride dresses for wedding? Bride in Rani Pink co-ords dancing with her groom in an emerald ensemble

Shot by The Wedding Pictures, Indore

13. Purple All The Way

If anyone doubts deep purple to be too much on the face, let us put those worries to rest. Bright purple really pops in wedding outfits and we suggest you bookmark this one for sure!

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14. Adoring This Magenta & White Combination

Magenta is a very happy, festive colour. Magenta lehengas on brides look amazing and grooms definitely know how to rock them too. That's why we're suggesting this one to you for sure!

Bride in magenta lehenga with the groom in a magenta & white sherwani

Shot by oragraphy, Vadodara

15. Indigo & Taupe Are Certainly A Hit

Swooning over this gorgeous indigo lehenga combined with a taupe sherwani for grooms!

Indigo lehenga for brides with metallic taupe sherwani for grooms

Source Shyamal & Bhumika

16. Sage Green & Yellow

Who knew sage green could look this great with yellow? Well, now you know!

Bride in yellow & sage green lehenga dancing with her groom in a sage green Nehru jacket

Source Vows & Tales

17. Pair Ivory With Blush Pink

We love this embroidery-heavy ensemble of the bride & groom in this combination of colours.

Bride in embroidered ivory lehenga with the groom in blush pink sherwani

Shot by Colorblind production, Delhi

18. Peach & Yellow With A Dash Of Ivory

Generally, complimentary shades like peach and yellow don't gel well together. However, we see very well that these two colours go together really well. 

Pretty bride & groom in peach & yellow outfits

Shot by The Lightsmiths, Mumbai

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19. Classic Ivory & Gold

This colour combination looks exactly as it sounds- regal!

20. Carmine With Floral Printed White

Carmine is a gorgeous colour for any groom to wear and when his bride dons a stunning white lehenga with floral embroidery!

21. Ivory on Ivory Will Always SLAY

Nothing speaks 'Indian fairytale' like an ivory-on-ivory outfit. Best you put a pin in this one!

Bride & groom in co-ordinated ivory outfits

Source Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

22. Combining Lilac With Lavender

This bride and groom show us how to slay in a combination of lilac and lavender outfits for their wedding. Something definitely to take inspiration from!

Bride in lilac kanjeevaram with her groom in lavender

Shot by RVR PRO, Hyderabad

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23. Red, White & Everything Royal

Red and white for a bride and groom are like the perfect combination irrespective of the time or season of the wedding. Plus, this outfit combination for brides and grooms looks gorgeous in wedding photos!

Bride in red lehenga with her groom in pure white sherwani

Source Helo Pixel Photo

24. Red & Green Are A Rare Yet Beautiful Combo

Red and green have a gorgeous rapport with one another. If you're someone who actually wants your wedding outfits to stand out, then this is a great combo to try!

Maharashtrian bride and groom in red & green wedding outfits

Source Pinterest

25. Orange Is The New Red

In the weddings of today, rust orange is the new red. Brides and grooms are embracing this colour without a worry and so are top designers. It's a trend we're not at all complaining about!

Newlyweds rocking a pair of rust orange wedding outfits

Source Amrit Photography

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26. Metallic Grey & Yellow

Who knew yellow would look so stunning with grey? It's an outfit combination for brides and grooms that looks perfectly splendid!

Bride in a yellow lehenga with the groom in a yellow-grey ethnic outfit

Shot by Dipak Studios, Delhi

27. Play With Prints In Complimentary Colours

This radiant couple is showing off what happens when tradition is combined with innovation. This play with prints is a masterpiece!

Bride and groom in matching printed outfits

Source Recall Pictures

28. Arctic Blue Elegance

Arctic blue is a beautiful colour that will help any bride and groom shine. It's a radiant hue that's definitely going to make any couple look mesmerizing. 

Bride and groom in arctic blue wedding outfits

Source House on the Clouds

29. Mix A Lot Of Barbie Pink With A Bit Of Baby Pink

Barbie Pink is definitely a colour that looks exquisite on brides. And baby pink is a hue that grooms know how to rock. So why not combine the two?

Bride in Barbie pink lehenga hugging her groom in a baby pink sherwani

Shot by Magic Motion Media, Mumbai

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30. Rose Gold Is A Beautiful Pair For White

The bride radiates timeless elegance in her rose gold lehenga while the groom complements her perfectly in a pristine white sherwani. The combination epitomizes the beauty of love and tradition intertwining!

Bride in a rose gold lehenga exchanging jaimala with her groom in a white sherwani

Source Four Fold Pictures

31. Teal Blue with Ivory

A vision of harmony and grace, their teal blue and white outfits symbolizing the depth and tranquillity of their love story. It's a resplendent combination that is truly amazing. 

Bride in a teal blue lehenga with her groom in the ivory and teal blue ensemble

Source Mehar Photography

32. A Union of White & Yellow 

Yellow and white make for an amazing outfit combination for brides and grooms for their haldi celebrations. They are bright and absolutely fabulous!

Bride & groom in sunny yellow & white haldi outfits

Shot by The Delhi Wedding Company, Delhi

33. Blend Blue With Blush Pink

This enchanting couple graced their wedding day in the dreamiest of outfits, blending pastel blue and pink in a harmonious symphony of colours. We believe this outfit combination for brides and grooms is absolutely perfect.

A stunning bride & groom in a blend of blue and blush pink

Source Artfoto Studios

34. Black & Red Always Look Magnificent Together

If it's the wedding outfit inspiration you want, there's no place better to look at than Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone. Honestly, this combination of black and white looks glorious on them and will look amazing on you too!

Deepika Padukone in a red saree with Ranveer Singh in a black sherwani

Source Pinterest

Final Words 

Psst... Your wedding day is your canvas for style. Ditch tradition, embrace creativity! Explore unique outfits, and mix colours, prints, and fabrics. Brides and grooms, make a standout fashion statement that's as unique as your love story. Be bold, be you! Your wedding day should scream "you" in the quirkiest way possible!


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33+ Unique Outfit Combinations for Brides & Grooms!

by Shivani Singh

33+ Unique Outfit Combinations for Brides & Grooms!