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If you are soon going to be Rokafied but are clueless about how to break the news to your close bunch of people, good job buddy, you are on the right blog! Since Roka ceremony is a very intimate and special ceremony that marks the beginning of a lovely commitment of matrimony, the invitations have to be equally special. So, whether it’s a quaint dinner or lavishly thrown Roka ceremony, make sure you have super personalized Roka invitation.

So, we bring you about 20 wording samples that’ll help you start this new beginning in full swing. (Psst.. you can use these for your Instagram captions too)


Once in a while,
right in the middle of an ordinary life,
love gave us a fairytale.
 (Partner's name) and I am taking our first step to eternity,
join us to celebrate this special bond on our Roka ceremony



7 years back, we promised to be with each other forever.
Getting Rokafied is our first step to fulfil this promise.
Looking forward to seeking blessings from you on our Roka ceremony! 



We fight hard but we love each other even harder!
Join us as we take this Tom and Jerry relationship to the next level.
Do us the honor by coming to our Roka ceremony
PS: You are receiving this invitation because you are an important person in my life! 



(Partner's name) and I will soon have a wedding,
Down the aisle is where we are heading!
Before we become husband and wife,
Let’s celebrate the beginning of a new life!
Hereby inviting you to our Roka ceremony. 



We have been the best buddies since the day we meet and are super excited to commit to being best buddies forever.
Be a part of ‘our beginning’ as we get Rokafied. 

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We cherish the role you play in our lives.
And it would be my pleasure to have by our side on the most auspicious day of our life.
We are marking the start of our new chapter with a Roka ceremony; you have to be there! 



The most precious moment of my life
When (Partner's name) asked me to be his wife!
Please join us on our Roka ceremony as we solemnize our love.



Spring is here, wedding bells are near.
I and (Partner's name) are almost there.
Your esteemed presence is what we revere.
Bless us on our Roka ceremony as we take the first step into marital bliss. 

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Love is there to bind us forever
We wish the time stays like that forever!
We are getting Rokafied and all we need is your presence to celebrate the best decision of my life! 



When I popped the question, she said, ‘yes’
So, here’s the time to celebrate!
Inviting you to be a part of ‘Our Beginning’ i.e Roka ceremony 



When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,
you want to start as soon as possible.
So yes, we are having a quaint Roka ceremony and you just have to come! 

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Taking the first step towards becoming Mr. and Mrs. (Surname)
(Partners name) and I invite you to be a part of our Roka ceremony! 



A precious band of diamond and gold,
Two lives, two loved and two hearts enfold.
Inside the precious circled ring,
True love, true faith, and hope will cling.
We have the pleasure of inviting you to our engagement cum Roka ceremony! 



Love is here to stay!
Let’s celebrate by dancing the night away.
Join me and (Partner's name) on our Roka ceremony! 



Hi babe! You may not have seen this coming so soon!
But this text invites you to my Roka ceremony with Kunal.
You have to be there to celebrate ‘our beginning’!
Come with lovely gifts for me and my fiance, or your wedding will have the worst gift from me! :P 



It is finally the time of the life.
I am taking my first step towards marital bliss.
I would love to have you by my side during my Roka ceremony with (Partner's name).
Do come with oodles of blessings. 



We just realized we make a great combination and decided to take it to the next level.
Food and fun await you at our Roka ceremony.
Looking forward to your presence. 

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I said ‘Yes’ and now we are all set to get hitched!
Inviting you to our Roka ceremony at (Venue) on (Date).
Do join us to make it a fun-filled affair. 



2 hearts full of love
2 heaping cups of kindness
2 cups of joy and friendship
2 big hearts of togetherness
Mixing together this Friday.
You are invited to our Roka ceremony to watch this spectacular union! 



Yayyy! Guess what? I finally found the one who loves me for who I really am!
(Partner's name) and I am all set to embark on the journey of a lifetime.
All we need is the presence of our loved ones for a perfect kickstart.
Inviting you for some fun, food, and dance at our Roka ceremony! 

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ShaadiSaga suggests:

  • Don’t forget to add important details like Date, Time and Venue in each invite.
  • Since Roka is an intimate affair and you are likely to invite only a few people, you can indulge in making handmade cards too.
  • Sending a plain jane text invitation on Whatsapp is a BIG NO! Take help of Photoshop or some basic photo editing app on your smartphone to scribe the text on a nice picture of you two.

Were these helpful? Share your views in the comments below!

20 Personalized Roka Invitation Wording & Message Ideas *Bookmark Now*

by Medha Chawla

20 Personalized Roka Invitation Wording & Message Ideas *Bookmark Now*