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Girl: “Are you a virgin?” Guy: *Awkward silence* Girl: “Do you drink or smoke?” Guy: “Do you?” Girl: “Dogs or cats?” Guy: “Hamster”. Let’s cut the crap. These are not the questions you should be worrying about asking the man before you’re set to tie the knot with him. These are things you’d get to know as and when you spend time with him. Besides, these are not the questions that define your man. What defines him is the choices he has made when life threw some wicked curve balls at him. Now, obviously we don’t throw a bunch of just-too-frickin’-personal questions at a person on the first date. Fortunately, today, arrange marriages are far from what they were two decades ago. You’re allowed to go on dates, casually hang out at each other’s place,go to the movies, and shop together. That, is when you take the opportunity to put forth some questions that reveal his character, his lifestyle choices, and his way of looking at life. Now that we’ve established how and when you should do it, let’s jump on to the “what”. What questions truly matter? What questions will unleash his personality? What questions will reinstate your belief in the fact that marriages are, indeed, made in heaven? Here go 10 examples to make your “wedding interview” a sure-shot hit. Sneak these in while you guys are hanging out, and are in a good mood.

Question 1: Are you happy with the field you are working in? If not, what career would you choose for yourself?

Why: This question tells you about his real aspirations, the things he’d really like to do if life as all rainbows and unicorns, and the activities he’s really passionate about. It’s really important for you to understand his life goals, you know.

Question 2: Have you ever been in a serious relationship? Why did you break up?

Why: Not only the answer will tell you how he deals with the pressures of a long-term relationship, it’ll also give you an insight into what he likes and dislikes in a person. Don’t fret too much, it’s only natural.

Question 3: Do you play a musical instrument? Given a chance, what would you like to learn to play?

Why: Nothing connects two souls like music does. His choice of music and his thirst for the craft defines just how emotional he is, and if he really finds it fascinating enough to turn a hobby into a passion.

Question 4: How much do you think we can make together 5 years from now?

Why: Many marriages have fallen as a result of money constraints. It’s now or never. Ask him away how five years from now would be, financially. If his plans sound good to you, rest assured for you have found a pretty caring man who has already started planning his future with you.

Question 5: How frequently are we going to visit our parents in a year?

Why: This, is one of the most significant questions if you two are going to be residing away from your parents, in a different city. His answer will reveal just how much he cares for you to be around your own family, and how much time he wishes you to devote. This works both ways, actually.

Question 6: How important is personal space to you?

Why: Interestingly enough, this question reflects more on you than on him. You wouldn’t be asking this if you weren’t serious about having your own privacy and personal space. What he answers, on the other hand, is either going to be too good or too worrisome. Better to clarify beforehand, huh?

Question 7: What turns you on?

Why: First, ask this after, at least, the third date.Once you’re comfortable enough with him, find what turns him on, what are his fantasies, and let him know that you want to make him happy. In turn, tell him about yours too. This will break the final barrier of an awkward situation between the two of you.

Question 8: Have you ever been in a fight? What is your take on physical violence?

Why: A feminist question, to be honest. But, this will reveal what he thinks of his manhood. Moreover, this doesn’t even have to do with violence against women. Instead, it simply reveals whether he’s a staunch follower of Gandhi or Mohammad Ali. You want your children to look up to their father, don’t you?

Question 9: How important are your friends to you?

Why: This question gives away how exactly he is out of the two of you. The answer he gives has more to do with you than him. It’s you who needs to draw that line for yourself when it comes to his friends.

Question 10: How many kids do you want to have?

Why: Clichéd, but important. His take on children will tell you how sensitive he is, for starters. Secondly, when the time comes, is he even ready to be a father, or once he is, would he even make a good father? All these questions are simultaneously answered when he tells you the number of kids he’d like to have with you. We hope you enjoyed this questionnaire. A tip for the road: Answer these questions yourself first.It’ll be cool to discover yourself as you discover your life-partner-to-be.

10 Questions Every Bride Must Ask Her Prospective Groom to Know Him Better

by ShaadiSaga

10 Questions Every Bride Must Ask Her Prospective Groom to Know Him Better