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Brides, in today’s age its considered outright disrespectful to leave your bridesmaids empty handed. For all the running around surely deserves some credit at least. And what better way to thank your girlies than say it through personalised gifts. Make it up for the heart and soul they put into your wedding, through these gift ideas mentioned below:

1. Precious stones that suit their sun sign /date of birth

Rubies, emeralds and other precious stones can be expensive. Opt for lower costing stones easily available online that ensure good luck, love and fortune.

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2. A photo frame with a picture of you two.

It could be of your favorite memory with them. Do combine it with a personalised message. You could even have such photos printed on a beer mug, a keychain or a pillow. The idea is to be grateful for having friends like them.

3. Gifting a personalised nightwear

This has been in trend since the longest. Not only does it classify for a great photo prop but is a great keepsake too.

4. Personalised vanity kits with there names written on them.

You can also add your favorite makeup products in it. Jewellery boxes can be personalised too.

5. A charm bracelet/ friendship bracelet

Hang in a charm of the countries you visited with them or something that you both like for example coffee, rains or books. Make sure each bridesmaid gets a distinguished set as per her likes and dislikes.

6. Personalised wine glasses and bottle with your wedding date engraved on it

Cliched yet classy. It is a great keepsake and shall always bring back fond memories of your wedding.

7. Personalized stationery

No one minds personalized notepads with a heartwarming message on the cover, or personalized envelopes or sketching equipments. We personally just love them!

8. A spa kit

We are sure you know which fragrances your girlies like the most. Throw in a body salt, a body exfoliator, a hydrating natural oil, and a bath soap. Voila! If your maid of honors are feeling good they will go out of their way to make sure you feel the same.

9. Gift cards to their favorite store

If you still want to play it very safe, this is a great option. We are sure you have their favorite places at the tips of your hands. If not, a quick phone call is all that it will take. This one’s always a hit and never ever a miss.

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10. Luggage tags/engraved hangers/chocolate boxes

If you don’t want to spend exorbitantly, these few options form for great bridesmaid gifts too. Remember even a handwritten thank you note will make them teary eyed. It’s all about making an effort that shows.

Few of the messages that you can get engraved are :

  • Will you be my maid of honor?
  • I can’t say I do without you
  • Thank you for being my maid of honor
  • I found my man but i still need my girls
  • Will you help me keep my shit together by being my bridesmaid?

Are you digging these personalised gift ideas as much as we are? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Gifting Ideas for your Bridesmaids before you say I Do

by Surbhi Gupta

10 Gifting Ideas for your Bridesmaids before you say I Do