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Oh-So-Fancy Peacock Decor Ideas to Prettify your Wedding!

Shreya Gupta, 14 Jul 2019

Source Tanvi & Co.

Big fat Indian weddings are a glam affair and often boast of magnificent decor and guys guess what, we recently spotted a new trend! The glam Indian weddings being decked up with the most glamorous and ornamental bird, the peacock! Peacocks are proud possessors of the most loved attributes and are a symbol of integrity and beauty. Its iridescent and colourful plumage is sure to leave you spellbound with its beauty. Along with its elegance and grace, peacocks are also considered auspicious in the Indian culture which makes all the more sense to have these pretty birds in your wedding decor.

Right from having huge floral installations to small entrance decor pieces, peacocks become a happily infused element in indian weddings and can be decorated in umpteen ways and sizes. Check out these beauteous peacock decor ideas and take some inspiration for your wedding decor!

Pretty Peacock Decor Ideas for Wedding

Decked up with orchids, this oh-so-pretty peacock is a perfect table centerpiece!

This pink floral peacock is ideal for your pink themed wedding and otherwise too!

Source Tanvi & Co.

A white flowy peacock to make your guests go gaga!

How about having a peacock themed photo backdrop!

A flawless peacock stage setting for your glamourous sangeet night!

Along with fancy, this peacock is perfect to add a blend of auspiciousness to your mandap!

We love these unique peacock chairs to bits!

Source Meg Hann

What else can be better to deck up your wedding venue entrances with than this beautiful floral peacock!

Source Pinterest

These pink and turquoise flower peacocks are too GORGG!

Source Tanvi & Co.

This gorgeous mandap with peacocks in front is sure to leave you spellbound!

Source Tanvi & Co.

This floral peacock centerpiece will surely grab a lot of WOWs!

Yet again, another way to deck up your mandap with floral peacocks!

Amp your wedding venue with these breathtaking floral peacocks!

Wondering how to make your venue entrances more attractive? Simply use a floral peacock!


Which peacock decor idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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Shreya Gupta

Author, WeddingBazaar

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